Founded in Pesaro in 1974 by Achille Marchionni, the firm evolved throughout the 1980s, becoming Marchionni & Partners after a decade of professional partnership. In addition to the founder, the firm’s other partners are Claudio Sanchioni, Daniela Marchionni and Claudia Marchionni.

Among its organization of thirty people, the firm counts four partners, eleven associates and various employees with proven experience and expertise.

Marchionni & Partners is organized by specialty areas in which professionals and dedicated staff work together to optimize the value and quality of services offered to the clients.

The firm's focus on tax, corporate and legal consulting for medium and large companies. The firm further specializes in management of extraordinary transactions for corporate reorganization and business group restructuring.

Tax litigation, managed by a multidisciplinary group of chartered accountants and lawyers, is yet another area in which the firm specializes. 

About our international network - HLB International

Marchionni & Partners is a member of HLB International and founding partner of HLB Italy. Formed in 1969, HLB International comprises member firms in over 150 countries, which collectively have over 1,900 partners with 17,000 staff in 600 offices. HLB International ranked 12nd worldwide among the "2018 top 20 networks" published by Accountancy Age. 

Member firms provide clients with a comprehensive and personal service relating to auditing, taxation, accounting and general and financial management advice.

As member of HLB International the firm is able to collaborate with tax professionals of other countries to develop a detailed international tax planning for its clients.

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